Official BlackBerry Twitter App Launched

Official BlackBerry Twitter App Launched

The official Twitter app for BlackBerry has been cleared for full release, three months after it first appeared in beta form.

Research in Motion (RIM) announced Twitter for BlackBerry 1.0 late yesterday, with the app being rolled out by region to the BlackBerry App World, where it will appear in the IM and Social Networking category.

The first public beta was made available in April, bringing with it basic functions such as support for posting, sending, deleting, replying and retweeting. It also had support for followers and following, trending topics, timeline support, URL shortening and integration into core BlackBerry apps.

During the beta period, RIM added a number of features, including auto-completion of “@” usernames, the ability to view geotagged tweets, navigation hotkeys and support for external photo-viewing add-ons such as Yfrog and Tweetphoto.

The final release sees the addition of a "Go to User" feature, giving any user the ability to instantly access their profile from anywhere in the application. In addition, it also adds language support for Dutch, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (European), Russian, and Turkish.

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